Congratulations to Charlene for graduating Lil’ Picasso!

We would like to congratulate Charlene Do for graduating and completing all of her projects in the Lil’ Picasso level! In Lil’ Picasso, students take weekly classes and the level has 52 projects, which usually takes about a year to complete. Charlene has completed them all and will be graduating into the next level, Core.

Charlene attends our Cypress studio and all of her teachers are extremely proud of her. Ms. Jessica, her LP teacher, says, “ Charlene is a very talented girl and is always so happy when coming into class. I love how much she has grown in her art, but also as a person. She started off quiet and shy, but now she talks about art and how much she loves class. I’m so excited for her to go into Core because she is very ready. I have no doubt she will succeed in the next level!”

Charlene poses with teacher, Ms. Jessica

When asked about her time in Lil’ Picasso, Charlene exclaims, “I had a lot of fun and my favorite thing to do was the coloring!” Her favorite pieces of art that she has created in LP are inspired by David Hockney’s The Splash and Rosa Bonheur’s Tiger paintings.  

Charlene is shown holding her two favorite projects. Bonheur Tiger and Hockney Child inspired by The Splash

At Fibo, we strive to connect education and art for all levels. Especially Lil’ Picasso, as it focuses on Art History. Since Charlene gained so much art knowledge in her time in the Lil’ Picasso level, Fibo had to ask what her top picks were when it came to art, and here is what she had to say:

Charlene poses with her portfolio and picture shows us her top art picks

Charlene’s sister, Chloe, attends the Core level and she can’t wait to be in class with her big sister. Charlene— we can’t wait either and we know you are going to create more wonderful pieces of art.

To see more of Charlene’s beautiful artwork, check out her portfolio on our Facebook Page! And to have your student creating masterpieces like Charlene, sign up for a Free Trial Class today! 

Congratulations again, Charlene! You did it!