Free Class: Paper Plate Weaving: 4/10: 1:30PM PT

Free Class: Paper Plate Weaving: 4/10: 1:30PM PT

What: Join us as we kick off our "18th and 19th Century Art" series for April, by learning about the artist that is noted for starting/inspiring the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris.

Grades: For grades 1-6!

When: Saturday April 10th, 1:30pm PT

Price: FREE!!

Supplies: You will need a paper plate, scissors and string or yarn (any colors)! During the class, Miss Jessica will teach you how to turn a paper plate into a loom and then how to weave the yarn in a circular pattern. You can weave as little or as much as you want. You can do a single color or lots of colors. If you want to make yours extra special, you can use a colored plate and/or paint/color your plate however you want to (just make sure it is completely dry before class begins)! See you in class!