About Fibo Art

Fibo Kids Art Academy opened in 2005. Today, Fibo has studio locations in Cypress, Tustin, Brea and Fountain Valley. Fibo offers weekly classes to students ages 4 to 18 based on Art Fundamentals and Art History. We offer small class sizes with talented and nurturing instructors that receive extensive training.

Fibo believes that art can be taught. The Fibo curriculum has been developed and tested over the last 20 years with over 250,000 art projects taught at studios, elementary schools and online.

The curriculum starts with Lil' Picasso (PreK-1st), where students create art inspired by famous artists and learn how to use their materials properly. In Core (2nd-4th), students build a strong foundation of skills based on Art Fundamentals, such as Color Theory, Shading, Human Proportion, Composition and basic Perspective. In Masters (5th-8th), students learn advanced skills in shading, perspective, drawing people and learning to draw from reference materials. In Portfolio (9th-12th), students form their own conceptual ideas and artistic style.