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About Core

Core is a drawing and painting program for 2nd through 4th grade students.

Students meet once a week, for 1.5 hours. Projects are based on Art Fundamentals, Art Careers and/or Art History. Each project takes an average of 2 classes to complete. Students learn to use a variety of mediums and draw a variety of subjects and styles.

After each completed project, parents receive an email with a photo of their child’s artwork and a summary of what they learned.

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In person classes will resume in April 2021. Click Here to reserve your spot.

TUE 3:30-5:00 WED 3:30-5:00 TUE 3:30-5:00 THU 3:30-5:00
TUE 5:00-6:30 WED 5:00-6:30 TUE 5:00-6:30 THU 5:00-6:30
FRI 3:30-5:00 FRI 3:30-5:00 THU 3:30-5:00 WED 3:30-5:00
FRI 5:00-6:30 FRI 5:00-6:30 THU 5:00-6:30 WED 5:00-6:30
SAT 9:00-10:30 SAT 9:00-10:30 FRI 3:30-5:00 SAT 9:00-10:30
SAT 10:30-12:00 SAT 10:30-12:00 FRI 5:00-6:30 SAT 10:30-12:00

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Supplies, Registration, Tuition

Masters supply kits are $49. All other supplies are provided in the classroom, ie: paper and paints.

There is a one-time, per-student Registration fee of $39.

Monthly and Program payment options are available. There is a 25% Sibling Discount on Tuition. Click Here to inquire about current rates.