What is George Washinton's middle name?

That was a trick question. He didn't have one!

Well, first, let's cover the things you probably already know...

1) He was our first President

2) He only had a grade-school education, and 

3) He has the highest rank in the US Military - ever - and always. He is known not only as the Father of America, but as the Father of the US Military as well.

But here's the more interesting and fun stuff, you probably didn't already know!

1) He ruined his teeth by trying to crack walnut shells! He had dentures (but there is actually a disgusting replacement he had for them... we'll let you google that one on your own).

2) He was the first mule breeder. A mule is a mix of a donkey and a horse! It's thought that he is responsible for forming the large amounts of mules that made American agriculture possible, and

3) all that hair.. that really long hair.. that was real! It wasn't a wig. Wow.

But what we find most intriguing here at Fibo, as artists ourselves, is the fact that George was an avid interior decorator. He wasn't like most President's who let others do the designing. No! He chose the wallpaper, wall colors and many of the details that went into his now famous home.

Well, now that we know a few tid-bits on our first President, lets learn to draw him. Head on over to the Fibo YouTube channel, and try your hand at a portrait of this famous, George Washington!

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