Video Game Design

Video Game Design


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In this course, students will learn that the creation of video games is done by large teams, not just one person! They will learn about all the different positions on a video game design team, and then they will focus on character design, story line development and designing an environment. They will do this through creating projects of popular games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Mario and Splatoon.

What's Included: 4 Projects

Who is it Designed For: 2nd to 6th Grade

PROJECT 1: MINECRAFT: Introduction to Video Game Design

Project Description: In this first project, students will get an overview of what it takes to create a video game, including all the different types of designers and team members that make it happen. They will also get a basic idea of different structures of games. They will then create a project inspired by Minecraft.

Supplies: Pencil, sharpie, eraser, ruler, acrylic paint


Project Description: So we have the team, we know the structure, but where will our video game character be? What things should they interact with? What artistic direction should the video game take? In this project, students will learn what Environmental Design is in Game Design. They will then create a project inspired by the environment in Animal Crossing.

Supplies: Pencil, sharpie, eraser, oil pastels, watercolors, thick paper

PROJECT 3: MARIO: Story Writing

Project Description: In this class, students will learn about story writing for game design. This isn't a normal story or script like a book or movie. Instead of the Story Writers are responsible for designing quests, goals, objectives and obstacles that will make the game play fun and exciting. Students will create a project inspired by the story-line of Mario.

Supplies: Pencil, sharpie, eraser, colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, chalk pastels.

PROJECT 4: SPLATOON: Character Design

Project Description: Video games allow you to become anything you want! You can assume the role of a character, or create your own! In this class, students will learn about the art of designing characters for Video Games. This is a super fun class, because the characters are what bring video games to life. Students will create a project inspired by the characters of Splatoon.

Supplies: Pencil, sharpie, eraser, two pieces of white paper, acrylic paints, water, straws, a thin piece of construction paper and tape (to create the pop-up effect)