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In this course, students will learn the process of illustrating a children's book. They will design their own main character, side-kick character, friendly monster or villain and design an environment along with a story-line. This is both a very educational course as well as a fun one because there is a lot of room for imagination and creativity!

What's Included: 4 projects

Course Designed For: 2nd-6th Grade (This course is pretty advanced)

  • Design a Character: In this course, we will begin thinking about the story, and that starts with a main character. We will then design a side-kick character as well!
  • Develop a Story: In this project, we begin to think about the adventure or plot-line of the story, and we draw our characters in action as they go about their journey.
  • Design a Monster: In this project,we think about a villain or a character that may cause some problems for our main character. You'll have so much fun designing this imaginary character, thinking about what they look like and what their characteristics are going to be.
  • Design An Environment: In this project, we will put our characters in an environment, meaning where the story takes place. You can choose from realistic locations to ones you can only imagine in your dreams!