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Fibo Health and Safety Rules and Policies

As you return to Fibo, please know that we have made updates based on guidance from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies.

Updated Protocols


  • • All Teachers will be wearing a mask and face shield at all times.
  • • Until further notice, students are required to wear masks at all times.
  • • Disposable masks will be available for any students that inadvertently fail to bring a face covering to class to prevent unnecessary exclusions.
  • • Students are exempted from the requirement if they have a medical or mental health condition or disability that would make or impede them from properly wearing or handling a mask, or when it would inhibit communication with a person who is hearing impaired (reference:


  • • All Teachers and Students will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the studio.
  • • Any Teacher or Student that has a temperature of 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the studio. In this case, if the parent is not present, we will call the parent and ask them to pick up their child.

Hand-Washing and Sanitizer

  • • All Teachers and Students will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to entering the studio.
  • • Students and Teachers will be encouraged to wash hands often throughout the day.

Teacher and Student Health

  • • We advise all Students and Teachers to stay home if they have even a mild cough or low-grade fever, as well as if they have had to take simple medications, such as paracetamol/acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin, which may mask symptoms of infection.
  • • If students miss class due to staying home because they are sick or covid-related reasons, we will be flexible when scheduling makeups.
  • • If during a class, a student develops any symptoms such as a cough or fever, they will be promptly removed from the studio and we will call the parent and ask them to come pick up their child. One of our staff members will stay with the student until the parent has arrived.

Dividers and Spacing

  • • Based on updated CDC guidance for schools, students will be placed at least 3 feet apart.
  • • Siblings will be seated at the same table together.
  • • All other students will initially be seated one per table as space allows.
  • • Plexi-glass dividers will be placed between two students at the same table.
  • • Class sizes are currently reduced to allow more space between students.

Limited Shared Supplies

  • • To reduce shared classroom supplies, we are asking that parents add a pencil, sharpie and eraser to their students kits.
  • • Parents are also welcome to add brushes to their supply kits if they prefer them not to use classroom brushes.
  • • If a student does not bring their own pencil, sharpie, eraser and/or brushes, they will be given one to use. We will sanitize all supplies between uses.

Increased Cleaning

  • • We will be increasing our cleaning procedures before, during and after all classes.
  • • High-touch surfaces and objects will be wiped with disinfectant regularly

Removed High-Touch Items

  • • We have removed our Display Portfolios in the reception room.

Replacing Printed Items with Digital

  • • We have replaced our printed Program Sheets and Supply Forms with digital versions on our website.

Reduced People Inside the Studio

  • • At class transitions, we will allow students from the previous classes to exit the studio first, then we will bring in students for the next class. While students are waiting for class to begin, they will be lined up outside, 6 feet apart. We ask that you stay in your car with your children until about a few minutes before class is scheduled to begin.
  • • We ask that parents only enter the studio if they absolutely have to. Please email for all questions, registration, makeup and payment needs. You may also call 714-579-1929 during studio hours for additional assistance.
  • • Restrooms will be reserved for students only at this time.


  • • Most of our Teachers are in the process of getting vaccinated.