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Host a Fibo Art Party

Choose a project, invite your guests and let Fibo do the rest!

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Online Parties

  • GUESTS: Up to 499 Guests via Zoom.
  • DATES: Available Tue-Fri 1-2:30pm and 7:00-8:30pm, and Sat 2:00-3:30pm PT.
  • PROJECTS: Choose a project from our library (included). Custom projects can be created for $50.
  • SUPPLIES: Everyday materials (ie: markers, colored pencils), unless otherwise requested. Supplies not provided.
  • COST: $299 ($199 for current students that have attended for 3 consecutive months or more)
  • ITINERARY: Online parties are 90 minutes. We start with a game (ie: Bingo or Scavenger hunt), then work on the project (for about an hour). We wrap up the party with a group photo, singing and opening presents. Any remaining time can be used to socialize with guests.
  • RECORDING: Ask the host for permission to record at start of event.

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In Person Birthday Parties

  • LOCATION: Choose from a Fibo studio in Orange Count, CA (Brea, Tustin, Cypress, Fountain Valley).
  • GUESTS: Cypress: Up to 12 guests, Fountain Valley/Tustin/Brea: Up to 10 guests (including birthday child).
  • DATES: Available Tue-Fri 12:30-2:30pm and 7:00-9:00pm and Sat 2:30-4:30pm PT.
  • PROJECTS: Choose from library (included). Custom projects available for $50.
  • SUPPLIES:Every student creates a painting on canvas, all supplies provided by Fibo.
  • COST: $599 ($499 for current students that have attended for 3 consecutive months or more)
  • ITINERARY:In person parties are 2 hours. Parties start with a game, then drawing and painting the base layer of paint. While that is drying, we sing and eat. Then we finish the projects. Any remaining time can be spent opening presents.
  • DECORATIONS:Fibo provides basic decorations in orange and blue. Parents are welcome to provide decorations and bring them to the studio up to 1 week before the party, and Fibo staff will put up the decorations or they can come up to 30 minutes before the party and put them up.
  • FOOD:Fibo does not provide food. Parents are encouraged to bring cupcakes and juice boxes (or their choice of food), with candles and a lighter, napkins and plates.

Project Library

One of the most fun part of our parties is choosing which project you want to create! You can choose a project from our library or have a project custom made just for you! Scroll through our samples, and let us know what you would like!



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