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Host a Fibo Art Party

Choose a project, invite your guests and let Fibo do the rest!

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Online Parties

  • GUESTS: Up to 499 Guests via Zoom.
  • DATES: Available Tue-Fri 1-2:30pm and 7:00-8:30pm, and Sat 2:00-3:30pm PT.
  • PROJECTS: Choose a project from our library (included). Custom projects can be created for $50.
  • SUPPLIES: Everyday materials (ie: markers, colored pencils), unless otherwise requested. Supplies not provided.
  • COST: $299. Active in-person student discounted rate $199.
  • ITINERARY: Online parties are 90 minutes. We start with a game (ie: Bingo or Scavenger hunt), then work on the project (for about an hour). We wrap up the party with a group photo, singing and opening presents. Any remaining time can be used to socialize with guests.
  • RECORDING: Ask the host for permission to record at start of event.

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In Person Birthday Parties

  • LOCATION: Fountain Valley, Cypress, Tustin or Brea
  • GUESTS: 10 (9 guests + the birthday child)
  • DATES: Available Tue-Fri 12:30-2:30pm and Sat 2:30-4:30pm PT.
  • PROJECTS: Choose from library (included). Custom projects available for $50.
  • SUPPLIES: Every student creates a painting on canvas, all supplies provided by Fibo.
  • COST: $599. Active in-person student discounted rate $499.
  • ITINERARY:In person parties are 2 hours. Parties start with a game, then drawing and painting the base layer of paint. While that is drying, we sing and eat. Then we finish the projects. Any remaining time can be spent opening presents.
  • DECORATIONS:Fibo provides basic decorations in orange and blue. Parents are welcome to provide drop off their own decorations up to 1 week before the party, and Fibo staff will put them up. Parents of the birthday child may arrive up to 30 minutes before the start of the party.
  • FOOD:Fibo does not provide food. Parents are encouraged to bring cupcakes and juice boxes (or their choice of food), with candles and a lighter, napkins and plates.
  • COVID:Until further notice, Fibo requires that everyone inside the studio wears a mask. The only adults allowed inside the studio at this time are the parents of the birthday child.

Project Library

One of the most fun part of our parties is choosing which project you want to create! You can choose a project from our library or have a project custom made just for you! Scroll through our samples, and let us know what you would like!



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