K2 Reading: Feelings

K2 Reading: Feelings


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In the Grades K-2 Reading & Art series, the Teacher reads a book aloud and then the students create a project inspired by the book. In the K-2 Reading: Feelings course, students will read four books focused on understanding emotions, including Jabari Jumps, In a Jar, Color Monster and Saturday.

What's Included: 4 projects

Course Designed For: PK-1st Grade (younger students may need assistance)


In this course, students will read 4 children's books that explore feelings:

  • Jabari Jumps, by Gaia Cornwall, published in 2017. Follow a young boy as he conquers his fear of jumping off the high-dive.
  • Saturday, by Oge Mora, published in 2019. Follow a mother and child, as they have disappointing experiences but ultimately learn the most important thing is time together.
  • In a Jar, by Deborah Marcero, published in 2020. Follow a rabbit as he collects things in jars. Learn about the power of memory and the magic of friendship.
  • Color Monster, by Anna Llenas, published in 2018. A monster wakes up in the morning with his feelings all mixed up. He then learns about feelings through colors.

K2 Reading Feelings