Assemblies and Art Classes: ONLINE

Assemblies and Art Classes: ONLINE

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Please click here to contact us if you are interested in bringing Fibo to your school.

Our online assemblies/art classes are completed in 90 minutes per grade level. Students log on to a Zoom meeting (from home or school), and we start with an Assembly for about 20 minutes and then proceed directly to an art project.

During the Assembly portion, students watch a 10 minute biography of a famous artist's life and their art. This is a video of a filmed actor playing the famous artist, paired with animation of a character named Fibo who asks the artist questions.

After the biography, our host shows more of the artist's artwork and has a discussion about it with the students. Then, we do a game to review what we learned.

Then, we transition into an art project inspired by the artist the student's just learned about.

We offer 3 artists per year, one each in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Currently, we are featuring the Japanese Animator, Osamu Tezuka. Students learn about his life and his art and then create a project inspired by Japanese animation styles, including Chibi, Anime and Manga.

Your school would schedule one 90-minute session for PreK-1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade and 4th-6th grade (3 total sessions).

These sessions would be scheduled anytime Tuesday through Friday, 10am - 3pm PT.

Our online art projects have been modified to suit "everyday materials".

Art supplies are not provided from Fibo, students need to have their own supplies.

Each student will need a piece of paper to practice on, a piece of paper to draw the final project on (any paper will do), a pencil, an eraser, a sharpie and something to color with (ie: colored pencils, markers or crayons).

Please contact us for pricing for your school:

Please include the grades included in your school, ie: TK - 6th.

Our assemblies are for Elementary Schools only.