Girl Scout Badge: ONLINE

Girl Scout Badge: ONLINE

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Host an online art party with Fibo for your troop to earn their art badge, or, to just have a fun experience together.

This is a private event for you to invite just your troop (or multiple troops together), to enjoy your choice of art project. For these events, we typically recommend doing a Paint Party where everyone creates a painting together, however, we can also create an "everyday materials" project if you prefer we use materials everyone typically has at home, like crayons and markers.

We can create a custom project to meet the requirements of your badge or we can teach a fun project with any theme from our project library or your imagination!

Troop events are $299, are 90 minutes long and are typically offered on Saturdays 1:30-3:00pm PT.

  • Choose a date and time (We typically do Saturday 1:30-3 OR 3:30-5:00pm PT, but may have other availability, just ask!)
  • Choose a theme (art badge requirements or just a fun project) 
  • We will send you a ZOOM link
  • You send the party info to your guests
  • On the day of the party, log-on about 15 minutes early and chat with the Teacher to make sure they know all your preferences
  • Enjoy the party!

Choose from a "Paint Party" or "Everyday Materials Party". We recommend Paint Parties for small troup classes!

PAINT PARTY: For the paint party, guests will need a piece of practice paper, a pencil, a sharpie and eraser, acrylic paints (at least white, black, red, yellow and blue), thick paper or canvas, paper plates and towels, a water cup and brushes.

EVERYDAY MATERIALS: For everyday materials, guests will need a few pieces of paper (for practice and the real thing), a pencil, sharpie and eraser, and something to color with (anything they have at home, like crayons, markers or colored pencils).

$299: Includes a custom project or choose one from our library, 90 minutes

Fibo has hosted over 100 Online Birthday Parties, Troop and School Events. Here are some of our Troop party projects: