Learn how to paint with oils! In this camp, students will learn how to create an under painting, how to paint in layers with glazing, how to create textures with palette knives and how to mix colors!

Oil paints are very different than watercolors and acrylics. Oil paints stay wet much longer, are thicker and more vibrant. These qualities allow for more shading and realistic details. 

In this camp, we will be using water-soluble oil paints (not traditional oil paints). Traditional oil paints have a lot of fumes, are flammable and require chemicals for clean up. Water soluble oil paints wash with water, don't have fumes and are not flammable.

  • Online via Zoom
    • July 20th-23rd
    • Meets daily Tue-Fri 12:30-2:00pm PT

    Supplies are not included with online camps. For the online camp, you will need to have water-based Oil paints, brushes, paper or canvas and some items you can probably find around your home. As always, you are welcome to purchase new items or just use supplies that you already have at home. 

    • Water-based Oil Paint *Note: get at least red, yellow, blue, black and white. The more expensive they are means there is more pigment/color and thicker they are. This means they will work better - but you decide based on your child's age and ability level.
    • Brushes (small), (medium 1/2"),(big 3/4"*Note: Your oil painting brushes should be separate from your acrylic and watercolor brushes! We recommend having a large 3/4" brush, a medium 1/2" brush at the bare minimum. However, it would beneficial to also have a small detail brush and a fan brush for blending.
    • Paper You'll need 4 pieces of paper or canvas for the main projects, ideally 9x12" at the smallest or 11x14" at the largest. Paper pad.
    • Items from home: practice paper (ie: copy paper), pencil, sharpie, eraser, plastic knife or buy a real palette knife, paper plates, paper towels, wax paper (or paper palette) and newspaper to cover your table.